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A Seeker of Adventurous Aesthetics

    I am Miki DaVelle, Hair Slayer. I am a nonbinary (They/She/He) master cosmetologist located at AlumiKnotty Beauty Lounge in the heart of Seattle, Capitol Hill. I am obsessed with bright colors, cool patterns, barbering, and unique ideas! I have been doing hair since 2011, licensed since 2013. Though I have jumped around a lot within the beauty industry, doing hair has been a mainstay on my journey and the skill I work the hardest to keep sharpened. I specialize in high contrast fashion colors, alternative styles, and textured cuts! The majority of my style inspiration comes from Asian trends from anime, Harajuku fashion, K-pop, etc... As well as Queer trends from all over the world. I am constantly working to stay educated in modern techniques and add to my skills and available services.

   I am very passionate about helping people reveal their true self through their personal style, I try my best to keep my prices down so that I can accommodate all potential clients and still have a decent standard of living. I do occasionally take on models at a sliding price scale if the project is something that will enhance my portfolio, so if you can't afford an appointment but you think I'll love the look, it doesn't hurt to ask! I also love to collaborate with local influencers and businesses so don't hesitate to reach out! 

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